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Happy Earth Day 2021! Spirit Environmental is now a carbon-neutral company!

Spirit Environmental has recently committed to being a carbon neutral company. This means we are offsetting our 2020 emissions, 2019 baseline emissions, and will continue to do so moving forward. This move reflects our broader commitment to becoming a more sustainable company as we offer our consulting services to help our clients do the same.

Spirit’s carbon emissions are generated primarily as scope 2 emissions from our purchased electricity across our three offices in Denver, Austin, and Houston. Additional emissions include our fleet vehicle and travel-related emissions including rental cars, reimbursed mileage, and air travel. In addition to offsetting these emissions equaling roughly 200 metric tons per year, Spirit is also matching employees who wish to offset their commuting emissions 1:1 to further reduce indirect impacts and incentivize our team more broadly. We believe that by taking responsibility for our carbon footprint we can demonstrate genuine movement towards a better future. Spirit will continue to examine our aspects and impacts to lower our overall ecological footprint in 2021 and beyond.

The carbon offsets we purchased are helping to fund a methane capture/electricity generation project that captures methane from a landfill in Florida which would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere and are registered through the Climate Action Reserve. If you are curious about steps you can take, additional information on our offsets, or other sustainability activities we are undertaking, please reach out to Sustainability Program Manager, Conor Merrigan.

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