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Spirit is your source for environmental multimedia expertise. We have the proven experience to address the many facets of environmental concerns our client-partners face. Regulatory compliance, auditing, permitting, waste management, emergency response, remediation, legal enforcement - these processes can be incredibly complex. Spirit’s team of experts provides the guidance and strategy necessary to develop a tailored plan to meet your needs.

Air Quality

The air we breathe is something most people take for granted. It is also one of the most heavily regulated aspects of industrial operations. Spirit’s foundation is air quality consulting; since our formation we have built a robust team of air quality specialists who serve our clients in all aspects of air quality permitting, compliance, monitoring, and testing. We maintain close working relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies, and understand the complex compliance landscape.


About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Despite all of this water, only a small fraction of it is readily usable, and there are no free refills on Planet Earth! Because of this, it is critically important to use our water wisely and do what we can to safeguard the integrity of this valuable natural resource. Spirit’s water quality experts have deep experience providing the suite of assessment, permitting, compliance, and conservation services clients routinely need. We’re also at the forefront of innovative technologies and processes to help clients address specific concerns.


Waste happens. It’s a part of everyday life, and a natural extension of the operational process. Spirit works with clients in industries such as energy, petroleum, chemical, manufacturing, and transportation, and we provide direct support to municipalities; we know the nuances of each. Whether we are assisting clients at the site-specific or enterprise-wide scale, Spirit can help you achieve your waste program goals. From minimizing waste generation and associated costs, operating more safely and reducing risks, streamlining operations and waste compliance activities, to educating your employees on proper waste handling and management procedures, Spirit has your solutions.

Natural & Cultural Resources

Natural and cultural resources are an invaluable and finite glimpse into our origins and heritage. Yet so often these treasures are hidden from view and can be disturbed unknowingly. Regulations surrounding natural and cultural resources are accordingly stringent to protect and preserve their value. Spirit’s diverse team of experts includes scientists and biologists with the complementary skills and experience needed for project planning, compliance, implementation, and mitigation.

Remediation Consultation & Support

When remediation is necessary, Spirit guides clients through the planning, response, and closure process in a way that leaves the site as good or better than it was. We help our clients handle their remediation obligations in a way that is efficient, safe, and meets or exceeds regulatory requirements.


Sustainability has gone from buzzword to mainstream in the past 30 years. Spirit delivers high performance solutions and long-term value, whether using the most appropriate of the many options for measuring and communicating ESG performance, supporting the implementation of cutting-edge sustainability projects, or providing auditing and assurance to ensure data integrity. Using a strategic planning approach centered around ambitiously practical outcomes, we advise clients on how best to reach sustainability goals

Transactional Services

“Buy the land. They’re not making it anymore.” Fortunes are made and lost daily in real estate. Smart investors, developers, and owners know that what’s underneath a site can pose significant risk immediately and even decades into the future. Spirit provides the comprehensive assessment services necessary to get a complete picture of the property, along with any possible hurdles to development. When it comes to the necessary permitting and regulatory documents of a new or transferred site, it’s all about the details. We know what to look for to safeguard our clients’ property acquisition decisions.

Emergency Response Planning & Reporting

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Working in industries that regularly process, store, and transport highly toxic chemicals, Spirit understands the daily risk of emergency our clients face. With appropriate plans in place, our clients not only mitigate this risk and meet regulatory requirements, but put safeguards in place to protect people, property, and the planet.

Regulatory Audits & Assessments

Audits and compliance don’t have to be scary words. These are the foundational tools agencies use to protect our environment. Spirit has the close agency relationships that make these tools easier to implement and follow. We help our clients implement the necessary systems, policies, and procedures to meet regulatory standards, without fear!


With a comprehensive library of programs and customized training, Spirit’s trainers arm our clients’ personnel with the necessary knowledge to safely and efficiently execute their roles. Our training programs also fulfill the mandates of individual companies and regulatory agencies at all levels, and help clients stay in compliance.