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Sustainability Management Plan

Spirit Sustainability Management Plan

Spirit is proud to demonstrate our commitment to ESG Principles in our Sustainability Management Plan.

Our annual reports provide a snapshot of our performance and highlight some of our notable client projects.

Spirit Annual Report 2022
Spirit Annual Report 2021
Spirit Annual Report 2020
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Making Impact

Our impacts span across E, S, and G but can be viewed through those lenses.

Environmental - Environmental Stewardship

As an environmental consulting company, Spirit considers environmental stewardship essential to the future of our business.

Spirit has offset company carbon emissions since 2019 and has included employee commuting emissions since 2021. Read more about Spirit’s Carbon Journey here:

Spirit is committed to waste reduction. For example, our Denver office located in the Alliance Center, is an effectively zero-waste building we moved into as a reflection of our values.

The Alliance Center is also a living laboratory building that embraces innovative technologies, has multiple green certifications, and offsets electricity used in the building.

Social - Community Sustainability

Our Spirit committees strive to improve the lives of both our internal work community and the external communities where we live and work.

We encourage you to read through the committees’ pages to see the great ways we have engaged with our local communities and also the initiatives we are undertaking to add value to the future.

Governance - Corporate Leadership

At Spirit, we strive to have fair hiring and compensation, and to provide a safe and welcoming workplace.

We are also committed to sustainability. Our continued pursuit of applicable certifications, development of more robust ESG policies and procedures, and alignment with our corporate values is encapsulated in our Sustainability Management Plan and embodied in our annual reports demonstrating how far we’ve come and how far we have yet to go.

In addition to doing due diligence to evaluate the impacts of becoming a Benefits corporation (and exploring B-Corp certification), Spirit has taken an active role in developing a robust Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program with annual goals and active targets.

Our ESG-centric governance model has driven decisions to continue to go farther in our corporate carbon journey. This includes: leasing office space in alignment with our values, supporting committees to further enhance team member and community lifestyles, and to keep pushing to maximize the positive impact of our firm.