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Andrew Parisi

Air Quality &
Compliance Services
Managing Principal

Andrew has worked as an environmental professional specializing in the oil & gas industry since 2007. After graduating college, he worked for a small environmental engineering firm at superfund cleanup sites in the New York City area. An opportunity arose for Andrew to begin his career in oil and gas, so he and his wife moved to Denver, where he has worked on numerous projects and expanded his resume over the years. Andrew has extensive experience in areas including: Title V Permitting; air dispersion modeling; air quality compliance; stack testing; gas, liquid, and soil sampling; air quality compliance auditing, environmental management system auditing; and soil and groundwater remediation. In his previous role, Andrew served as the senior director of environmental and permitting for a midstream operator with assets across the country. Over the course of his career, Andrew has garnered a reputation for being an attentive and supportive leader, and for having a steel trap for details.

Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Ithaca College, where his coursework focused on environmental law. As Managing Principal with Spirit, Andrew leads the Rocky Mountain Region Air Quality Program and Compliance Services. In this role, he provides technical guidance and expertise, mentors and leads the team, and fosters Spirit’s continual growth mindset while maintaining their reputation as a leading environmental service provider.

What is your favorite city to which you’ve traveled?

Tokyo, Japan. Green tea soft serve ice cream ALL. DAY. LONG. and it’s the karaoke capital of the world.

What is your favorite quote?

I have two: “Life is too important to take seriously.” – Oscar Wilde; and

“You can’t have continuous improvement if you don’t have problems.” – Lean

What is your favorite sports team?

Seattle Sounders

What is your favorite food?

It’s a tie between milkshakes and kale. But not together.

Why do you like working at Spirit?

In a word, culture. Our people are intelligent, caring, motivated, and supportive of one another. Working at Spirit makes you feel like you are part of something special.