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Legal & Enforcement Support

Spirit has the expertise to audit multiple environmental media including air, water, waste, and natural resources. Our team has been involved with numerous audits under regulatory audit privilege programs, thereby safeguarding our clients’ compliance efforts.

We regularly interface with law firms, communicating findings properly and appropriately with legal counsel, and respecting the confidential nature of the delicate work performed under these projects. Timing is critical during audits, and Spirit proactively plans and schedules tasks to ensure the job is completed accurately, efficiently, and on time.

Due to our experience performing audits and our diligence researching applicable permitting and regulatory requirements prior to the audit, Spirit is able to easily navigate complex situations that may arise. We have worked with personnel in all aspects of facility operation. We know many personnel do not typically work with auditors and therefore may be hesitant to talk; we’ve encountered this scenario and know how to address it. Spirit also has extensive experience working with attorneys to maintain confidentiality of client information and attorney-client privilege.

We help clients meet auditing goals in various ways:

  • Conducting strategy sessions to establish direction and necessary actions
  • Serving as part of the self-audit team
  • Discussing future compliance challenges and new rules
  • Outlining proactive actions to stay in compliance
  • Offering expertise to turn future compliance issues into a strategy
  • Providing onsite support to direct the project through to completion

We understand the anxiety our clients experience when non-compliance issues become legal issues. Our technical expertise and solid reputation among attorneys make us an ardent member of your legal team. Let us help you get in front of possible non-compliance issues and chart a clear path to compliance, enabling your staff to be most effective.

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