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At Spirit, we know technical training and program training are extremely important to stay current with industry advances.

To keep our project managers and consultants up to date, we present technical training that includes: 

  • Petroleum Refineries – Main Processing Units
  • Petroleum Refineries – Support Units
  • Flares/Vapor Combustors/Incinerators
  • Loading Operations
  • Storage Tanks
  • Scrubbers & Carbon Absorbers 

Examples of Program Training include:

  • Introductions to Minor NSR and Major NSR permitting
  • Minor NSR Permitting
  • Major NSR Applicability (including baselines, netting, projected actuals, accommodated emissions)
  • Plant-wide Applicability Limits
  • Recent Federal Policy Shifts

Spirit tracks Federal Register postings and EPA procedures and guidance memos. Not only do we conduct internal training, but we have also presented at various conferences and professional organization events. Our experts have also developed tailored training and presentations for in-house environmental personnel at corporations. 

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