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Regulatory Audits & Assessments

Spirit’s team members have the expertise to audit environmental media including air, water, waste, and natural resources.

Spirit conducts environmental regulatory compliance audits, gap analyses, third-party audits, and due diligence audits for clients at both the facility and corporate level. We tailor our audits to address specific media or regulatory requirements, acquisition/divestiture liability concerns, corporate-specific policies, and any other goals our clients identify. Spirit also conducts third-party compliance audits in support of ISO 14001 program certification and recertification, and similar industry standards.

With our extensive audit experience and diligence researching applicable permitting and regulatory requirements prior to the audit itself, Spirit confidently guides clients through any challenges that may arise. We know how to work with personnel involved in all aspects of facility operation, including those who don’t typically work with corporate auditors and may therefore be hesitant. Spirit routinely works with attorneys on confidential matters, maintaining confidential client information as well as the attorney-client privilege that is afforded by counsel.