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Emergency Response Planning & Reporting

When an emergency happens, every second counts!

Having contingency plans developed and implemented prior to an emergency or release is crucial to minimize response delays, reduce physical impact, and ensure continuous operations.

Spirit’s consultants are well versed in preparing RCRA Contingency Plans, Risk Management Plans, Facility Response Plans, Emergency Response Plans, and spill/release reporting plans. Spirit routinely consults with the Environmental Protection Agency, United States Coast Guard, state agencies, and local emergency planning committees during plan development and implementation, to ensure response procedures are appropriate, efficient, and in line with industry best practices.

Additionally, Spirit provides Integrated Contingency Plans that consolidate all contingency plans into one all-inclusive plan. These plans reduce the need for multiple reviews of several documents, and reduce the potential for inaccurate or conflicting information across multiple plans. Spirit has developed these plans for clients across the country and takes pride in easing stress and confusion during a time of emergency.