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Emergency Response Planning & Reporting

Some oil-handling facilities can fulfill their emergency preparedness with the creation and implementation of a SPCC Plan. Yet facilities near navigable waters that pose substantial harm must develop and enact a more robust Facility Response Plan to adequately safeguard the environment in the event of a spill or release.

FRPs are routinely reviewed and audited by GLO representatives, USCG, and in some cases, the EPA Regional Administrator. This regulatory oversight ensures the processes and procedures established in the FRP are sufficient and appropriate to protect environmental resources, human health, and life safety during emergency incidents.

Spirit has extensive experience with marine terminal facility operations, which we leverage to develop FRPs that stand up to regulatory scrutiny. We identify known and potential risks and hazards, develop appropriate and effective mitigation strategies and procedures, train employees, conduct drills or exercises on response measures, and work with EPA, USCG, and/or GLO regional offices to obtain necessary approval of FRPs. With this higher level of preparedness, our clients can handle emergencies swiftly and safely!