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Spirit’s experienced and innovative personnel can assess your facility’s processes from start to finish to identify potential source reductions, environmentally friendly alternatives, and innovative ways to minimize both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

Pollution Prevention is a key part of a facility’s operations; it provides cost savings from more effective waste management as well as the use of alternative bio-friendly chemicals and other products. Spirit helps identify long-term savings, from reduced personal protective equipment costs, to reduced exposure monitoring/employee health care and less-stringent environmental permitting, simply by making some educated and conscientious material substitutions.

We provide our clients with inventive source reduction, environmentally friendly alternatives, innovative waste minimization measures, and recycling alternatives, and often identify hidden value in waste streams. These projects frequently result in our clients gaining new revenue streams and positive environmental stories rather than continuing to rack up costs to manage the waste. Regardless if it is the preparation of a P2 Plan and Executive Summary, the preparation and submittal of P2 Annual Progress Reports (APR), or advanced consultation on waste minimization and cost savings alternatives, Spirit has your P2 planning and waste minimization needs covered. Our innovative solutions can propel your facility’s sustainability to the next level.

Spirit can assist you with:

  • P2 Plan Preparation
  • Annual Progress Reports
  • Analyses of Processes and Waste Generating Activities
  • Identification of Source Reduction/Waste Minimization Measures
  • Compliance Gap Analysis
  • Cost Savings Analysis
  • Consultation on Alternative Products
  • Training
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