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Assurance and auditing processes are the best way to determine effectiveness, accuracy and compliance.

Spirit performs ESG and GHG limited and reasonable assurance efforts to help meet SEC goals and ensure your data has the third-party validation that investors and other key stakeholder groups require. In addition to following ISO 14064 practices for GHG assurance, Spirit has a deep familiarity with the various ESG frameworks and can also customize assurance engagements to align with custom methodologies.

Auditing can also be performed for various reasons and at various levels, whether on individual facilities, components, policies, or systems to help optimize your triple bottom lines. Spirit performs audits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and has a deep bench of expertise complementing our regulatory auditing team to provide “Compliance Plus” audits that go beyond the required audits to identify additional opportunities and standards that can add value to required auditing efforts.

In addition, a knowledge of innovative technologies in the marketplace and a focus on implementation provides a smooth transition between the audit and next steps. Whether it’s working with vendors, assisting with rebates, or verifying performance, Spirit will ensure the audit doesn’t just sit on the shelf but rather brings quantifiable value.

  • ISO 14064-compliant GHG inventory and project assurance
  • Project Veritas aligned emissions assurance
  • MiQ audits and gap analyses
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) audits, development, and training
  • Organizational Sustainability audits (Custom analysis of energy, water, waste, air quality, transportation, etc. performance)
  • Targeted gap analyses and implementation support
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