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Auditing processes is the best way to determine how effective they are, and any gaps or opportunities that may exist.

Spirit can focus on individual facilities, components, policies, or systems to help optimize your triple bottom lines. Whether energy audits, waste audits, or overall sustainability, Spirit will identify clear steps to improve.

With a focus on technical optimization, Spirit provides knowledge of incentives and rebates plus a depth of experience on the regulatory compliance side to ensure your processes are running smoothly and up to date in terms of best practices and resource savings.

In addition, a knowledge of innovative technologies in the marketplace and a focus on implementation provides a smooth transition between the audit and next steps. Whether it’s working with vendors, assisting with rebates, or verifying performance, Spirit will ensure the audit doesn’t just sit on the shelf but rather brings quantifiable value.

  • Energy, Waste, Water, Transportation, and Organizational Sustainability audits
  • Targeted Gap Analyses and Implementation support
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