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At the heart of Spirit’s approach to sustainability lies the concept of strategic planning.

This means no plan will be provided without a custom implementation approach, and we will support that implementation to ensure it evolves to become part of your company culture. Knowing how much is practical to take on in a given time frame with available resources is critical to success; in recognition of this Spirit only creates actionable plans.

Turning a plan into a system is the tough work, with key concepts that must be institutionalized to achieve success. Flexibility, focusing on wins and strengths, maintaining alignment with company culture, and establishing protocols for ease of measurement all are required to maintain ongoing improvements. Our approach emphasizes these concepts in an ambitiously practical manner. We provide the tools, templates, and support to continue to build a culture of sustainability.

  • Sustainability Management Plans (Custom)
  • Municipal Comprehensive Plan Support
  • Sustainability and Resiliency Plans
  • Climate Action Plans
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