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While people often associate wastewater permitting with industrial discharges, Spirit’s water quality experts understand every possible aspect involved in these often complex permitting and compliance issues.

Available permitting mechanisms can range from traditional surface water discharge permits, to zero discharge permits, and water recycling or water reuse authorizations. Our professionals start at the source of wastewater generation to establish client goals and permitting needs, evaluate effective treatment options and/or equipment, strategize appropriate discharge options, and obtain permits or authorizations suitable for your operations. Industrial dischargers often face stringent water quality standards predicated on categorical industry standards and technology-based numeric limitations for specific pollutants at several levels of control. Spirit’s expert team of engineers and scientists are well versed in both traditional and innovative treatment technologies and BMPs that ensure our clients achieve or exceed compliance with often complicated and demanding local, state, and federal water quality standards.

Once your discharge authorization is in place, our tools and services can streamline your compliance, reporting, and recordkeeping. Spirit offers compliance and sampling training once your permit requirements and/or conditions are issued.

  • New, Amendment, and Renewal Discharge Permit Authorizations (NPDES and state-specific)
  • Indirect Discharge Permits
  • Municipal Discharge Authorizations/Significant Industrial User Permits
  • Land Application/Irrigation Disposal Permits
  • Evaporation Pond Permits
  • Zero Discharge Authorizations
  • Water recycling/water reuse authorizations and approvals
  • Treatment Equipment Evaluations and Treatability Studies
  • Discharge Option Assessments
  • BMP Plans and/or Assessment, Evaluation, and Implementation
  • Slug Management Plans
  • Water Recycling/Water Reuse Evaluations
  • Illicit Discharge Investigations
  • Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs)
  • Water Balance and Storage Calculations (for Land Application/Irrigation Disposal Permits)
  • Sewage Sludge Reporting
  • Compliance recordkeeping development and assistance
  • Compliance Audits
  • Wastewater Treatment Unit/Waste Management Unit Closures
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