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Water is one of our most precious resources and is also one of Earth’s most difficult natural resources to manage.

Whether your goals are meeting stringent efficiency standards for green building or LEED certification, avoiding high costs of sourcing new water supplies or treatment, or achieving zero discharge, Spirit’s expert staff of engineers and scientists work with clients to develop and implement the appropriate strategies and processes to achieve those goals.

For new development or redevelopment projects, Spirit can identify potentially available water sources for industrial and potable uses, prepare appropriate permitting documentation such as surface water rights applications or public water supply registrations, and develop necessary natural resource protection plans. Sometimes, existing processes just need a little tweaking or minor adjustments to improve efficiency.

Spirit’s experts can conduct process optimization and/or water efficiency studies to ensure you are maximizing your resource use and minimizing costs for additional water treatment/disposal.  From water management and conservation plans to complex industrial wastewater reuse and recycling modifications, our team possesses the regulatory knowledge, process expertise, innovative mindset, and partnership attitude necessary to ensure your water planning, conservation, and reuse projects are successful.

  • Water Rights Permitting
  • Public Water Supply Registrations/Permitting
  • Water Usage Assessments
  • Process Optimization/Water Efficiency Studies
  • Water Recycling/Water Reuse Evaluations
  • Edwards Aquifer Protection Plans/Specialty Resource Protection Plans
  • Industrial and Municipal Water Management and Conservation Plans
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility Capacity Evaluations
  • Consumer Confidence Reporting/Potable Water Supply Compliance
  • Efficiency Retrofits
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