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2021 is officially here and one of the early annual compliance reporting requirements is just around the corner! Each year, Spirit’s experts work with hundreds of facilities to prepare and submit the Annual Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act (“EPCRA”) Tier II Reports by the March 1st deadline. We work with our clients to report hazardous chemical usage, storage amounts, and releases of hazardous substances to state and local governments. While federal requirements include a reporting threshold of 10,000 pounds, extremely hazardous substances and some states have more stringent thresholds. For example, depending on the density of a material, a quantity of less than 50 gallons could trigger the 500-pound threshold applicability in Louisiana.

Spirit’s compliance experts have Tier II reporting experience across the United States and are ready to identify what materials must be reported and work through each state’s reporting requirements with clients. Contact Alex Moore-VanDyke, Jennifer Tullier, or Michele Foss to get your Annual Tier II Reports started!

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