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The production of renewable diesel fuels, sometimes called green diesel, in the United States is on the rise. Since renewable diesel is chemically the same as petroleum diesel, it may be used in its pure form (called R100) or mixed/blended with petroleum diesel similar to biodiesel blending. Policies such as the US EPA Renewable Fuel Standards Program and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard tax credits have made the production of renewable diesel fuel more attractive to refiners. Over the past year, several companies have either repurposed or plan on repurposing entire refineries for the production of renewable diesel. Some refineries have simply added the capability to produce renewable diesel to their existing petroleum processing activities.

Spirit is in a unique position to assist with these projects having already obtained an air permitting authorization for the construction and operation of new renewable diesel production process. A key thing to consider for these projects is Major New Source Review applicability and how the project will affect existing sources at your site. We understand the need for additional renewable diesel fuel production and can help you authorize these activities at your refinery. Contact Robert Osborn at 281-664-2815 or to discuss our experience with such projects.

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